Installing Prospect for MacOS

Download Prospect for macOS and Chrome.

Managing your data has never been more simple using the Prospect App. This guide will teach you how to install and get started.

1.  Visit

Next, Sign in to get started with Salesforce or Google Drive. (This is where your Prospects will be stored. You can always switch at a later time).

2.  You will be required to install the new Chrome extension. On the next page, click “Install Desktop Extension”

Note: Even if you have the old Prospect extension today, the new version of Prospect will still require a new extension.

3.  Click "Download Prospect for" to download the app.

4.  Once the download is complete, click into Prospect.pkg from your destination folder to install.

Once the Prospect app is installed, it will automatically launch. 

You can locate Prospect from your Applications folder when you want to launch it next: