Creating Accounts

Prospect makes it very easy for you to create new accounts in Salesforce.

1. Make sure you are connected to Salesforce.

2. If the account does not yet exist in Salesforce, you will find three buttons beneath the Account field.

Yes: Captures the company’s name based on our smart search.

    No: Will clear the field. You can manually insert the company name.

    “…”: Will show fields on the account record in Salesforce in detail. You can modify your fields directly here.

    3. Click the Create Account button to save and insert the account into Salesforce. 

Once the account has been created, all future prospects under the same account will have the account field automatically populated.

You can also create accounts directly from any company page on LinkedIn. 

1.  Simply head into any business page. Your app should populate with the account name automatically.

2.  Click the downwards arrow to review the account fields.

3. Click "Create Account" to create a new account in.