Company Pages

When viewing company pages on LinkedIn, you can review and update your Salesforce account data straight from the Prospect app.

Prospect will return your Account data when you head into any company page. For example, Microsoft

1. Account Overview

By clicking the downward arrow, you can review your Salesforce account fields when resting on their company page. You can also update the account by clicking the "Update Account" button:

2. Opportunities

Based on Salesforce Opportunities, this tab will show your current Opportunities logged for the account. You can click into the Open button next to each Opportunity to review it directly in Salesforce:

3. Activities

For Salesforce Activities, you can review the latest activity for the account and view it directly in Salesforce by hovering over the Activities tab:

4. Saved Contacts

Click on the expand button to review all Contacts for the account:

5. Recommended Leads

Prospect will return recommended leads for the account based on your Salesforce history. You can learn more [here]. You can click directly into each name to view their LinkedIn profile: