Admins can review and export their prospecting data and metrics for their organization using Analytics. 

To access Analytics, head on over to the admin panel and select Analytics over on the top toolbar.

You can manage your data by setting filters that return specific metrics that are important to your Salesforce team:


Emails Found Number of Emails found.
Phone Numbers Found Number of Phone numbers found.
Created / Updated.
Number of Salesforce Accounts.
Created / Updated.
Number of Salesforce Contacts.
Created / Updated.
Number of Salesforce Leads.


All All users in your Prospect organization.
Users One specific user in your organization.
SDR / etc.
Profile in your Organization.

Date Range

Review data by specified a time frame (7 days, 30 days..) Historical data is available as far back as a year since connecting with Prospect.

Export Data

After specifying the metrics you are looking to track, you can download a CSV report by hitting the Export button on the top right of your Analytics dashboard.